Sunday, August 22, 2010

Junking JACKPOT!

I headed out this morning for the VofA and then figured I would hit a couple of Estate Sales and see if there was anything good left. The Volunteers was my first stop and it yielded my find of the day - a bag of 50 Prismacolor, TRIA and Eberhard Faber art markers. The bag was marked $4.99. If you are familiar with these markers then you know how expensive they are. For that price I figured I could take a chance that at least a couple of them worked, plus the Prismacolor and TRIA are refillable anyway. When I got home and tested them 40 of the 50 were good and 5 of the dry ones were Prismacolor so I can salvage those by buying the refills - JACKPOT!
The sewing box below is another VofA find. The calligraphy book, the beautiful old ledger, yardstick and adorable little knife, fork and spoon were estate sale finds.
This mess on my desk is the contents of the poke sack I also picked up at the VofA. It was a good day at the VofA!


French at hArt said...

Where is this VofA and can I meet you there next Sunday? HeeHee!
Au Revoir,

Diane said...

Great finds--makes me want to go garaging saling--I haven't been in a few weeks and I miss them.

Annette said...

My daughter would be drooling over the markers! I'm drooling over everything else!! Great finds!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

What the heck is Vofa? Being a Portland gal I have never heard of it and is off my radar....promise I won't come and buy treasures that are destined for you.