Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am the luckiest Mom ever!

My son, Andy is a geologist and he travels to all sorts of interesting places testing the soil and water. His field work is frequently at abandoned mines - mercury mines (who knew there were mercury mines?!), copper mines, gold mines... He always comes back with the most interesting tales about the places he has been, the things he has seen and the history. I could listen to his stories for hours! He often comments on what he calls the "little trinkets" he runs across in his travels. Oh! to be a little mouse in his pocket just riding along watching the ground. Stop, Andy, stop, put me down here! Junk envy!
Yesterday he came back from a gold mine in Death Valley and gifted me with these rusty pliers. OMG! He gets it!!! I hugged his neck and told him he could have wrapped these up and given then to me for Christmas and I would have been THRILLED!
He said they are probably about 130 years old and crusted in arsenic so I should be careful. I told him I wasn't planning to lick them!

Don't you think they look a little like an X?

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