Friday, April 10, 2009


This was a day filled with emotion at our house. Our sewer had to undergo an emergency colonoscopy this morning. The symptoms had increased over the past week and this morning there was a violent eruption on the patio that couldn't be ignored any longer. Professionals were called in and after several hours of exploratory surgery the cause of the blockage was revealed. We held hope that arthroscopic surgery could purge the polyp but the tumorous root of the problem had grown much too large (damn maple tree!). A stiff shot for the owners, a large check and a jackhammer appear to be the last best hope for saving the patient. The backhoe arrives at 7:00am tomorrow...
This is a page from my altered book that I was working on today to distract myself from the trauma. I'm not sure if it is finished or not.

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Michelle Murphy said...

hope your sewer will be better, but i am sure that your pocketbook will be lighter..i love the altered book page it is great..done or not