Friday, April 3, 2009

Bird Shrine

My son came over and gave me some coaching on my pictures (thank you Casey!) so I have gone back and re-done them all and I think they look a little brighter now. Lifelong learning....
This bird shrine is made from a saltbox. Yes, the "when it rains it pours" stuff. Linda Warlyn's article in the May/June 2008 issue of Somerset Studio was my inspiration. I have collected vintage porcelain bird figurines for years and probably have more than 50 by now. I love my little birdies!
This weekend they are predicting NO RAIN and maybe high 60s!! Every day I pull into the driveway and think "that woman who lives here really should do something about that flowerbed!". I am so excited about spending some zen time in my garden!
The library finally got in a copy of Susan Tuttle's Exhibition36 and I can hardly wait to read it. I flipped through it while I was waiting in line and this might be one of those I will need to own. OMG...! What if the weather was so nice I could garden a little, sit in the sun and look at my book, garden a little, look at the book... Bliss!


Rose Chuckleberry said...

Kathy, you are the most talented person in the world. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your salt box piece. It is BEAUTIFUL.

Michelle Murphy said...

a salt box never looked so good....hey we have a freeze warning here in the south..i am talking in the 20's..