Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bye-bye Santa, See You Next Year!

 I hope you all had a lovely celebration of comfort and joy!  I know that, for some, saying goodbye to the season is bittersweet but, for me, it marks a new beginning as we head toward a fresh new year. That said, I clearly won't stop finding and buying Christmas any time soon.  As I put things away for next year I am thinking about how fun it will be when I open those totes and "find" them again next year.
 I hardly ever find Thanksgiving so I was delighted with this honeycomb turkey!  Santa and the scale are questionable purchases since both are missing parts.  The scale functions but it is missing the tray on the top and Santa apparently had a sleigh wreck and lost his arm.  I dug and dug in search of the missing parts and finally decided to bring them home anyway and see if I could find a way to rescue them.
 I also found a honeycomb bell.  My favorite part are the suggestions for how to use it.  I never thought of topping a package with one and what a stunning presentation that would make!
 The tattered little book in front of the ledger is called "The Green Primer Sanders Pictorial".  You can barely make out the title on the cover.  It was printed in 1850 and the illustration inside are gorgeous.
 I also found a turkey cookie cutter so I guess it was a turkey day for me. 8+)
 I have a little collection of metal Oregon souvenir ashtrays.  Florida will be moving along to someone else although the flamingos makes it tempting.
 Two new to me needle cards added to my collection.  Click this one bigger so you can see the rocket.
 A big pile of old plastic shower decorations.
 A batch of foil reflectors. They are in much-used condition but would still look beautiful on a tree.
I got three of these beautiful velvet rose package decorations.  They are not vintage but have the "look" and I can't resist a velvet rose.
Time to get busy shifting gears in the art room!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I see all kinds of fun goodies here. Love the book and those foil relfectors.

Art and Sand said...

I'm just catching up after reading no blogs while we were on vacation.

I still have Christmas up which is rare for me. But, we were away for 10 days so we feel that we can keep up the festive decor a little longer. And, we are hosting the soup course on our Progressive Dinner. Each year people have told me that they wished I still had up my Christmas decor so this year they will be pleased- I hope.

My favorite of your finds is that alphabet book. I love anything alphabet.

Kathy Bremer said...

Kathy, I love seeing your great finds! I'm in NE Portland visiting my son and daughter-in-law for a week. Could you give me the names of a few of your favorite thrifting places? The bins is already on my list. I want to compare to the one in Colorado Springs that I visit often. Also, the name of the shop where you have your booth space. I always enjoy reading your blog and your photos. Kathy

Kathy said...

Kathy B...
I'm responding here in hope you may have signed up for follow-up comments. You are a "no-reply" commenter so I am not able to respond to you request. Please email me directly.