Monday, June 15, 2015

Meat Bribery

I started auditioning things in the shelves this weekend and Annette was sure right, it swallowed up WAY more of my hoard than I thought it would.  I visited my soon to be departed VOA, Nina and Joe's and one estate sale to add to my depleted stockpile.  The Husband wasn't too thrilled with the neighborhood where the estate sale was being held so I bribed him to go along with MEAT.  There is a great meat market on the route so I mentioned we could stop on the way home and he bit - whew!
I used to avoid holiday items because I didn't want to store them from one season to the next for Etsy.  Now I am going to need to "play along" with the holiday decor so I snapped up these little turkeys for Thanksgiving.  The plates are Avon Cape Cod and I find two sets in original boxes.  The pink heart is a baby bathwater thermometer.
The pincushion will be heading to the booth but the birdies are staying right here with me.
The VOA had everything marked down 20% so I grabbed a bunch of The Old Curiosity Shop dishes.  Fingers crossed that was a good move.
I am such a sucker for vintage linens, especially with crochet.
Doesn't everybody want a vintage prune juice bottle??  The tiny little suitcase is the smallest I have found.  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to part with it, at least not right away.  The two beige pieces in the lower right are vintage half slips.
The big pink dish is Haegar.
Still on the hunt but feeling like I have a better "cushion" now after filling up those shelves.  Pictures of the audition are coming soon!


Beth Leintz said...

Oh Kathy, your post made me smile, because I have so much "cushion", and I'm trying to pare down. I look around at and wonder, "how did I get this much stuff?"

I think your idea of stocking holiday items is a good one, I almost always sell out of anything Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving. I don't usually sell Halloween stuff just because it's so hard to find.

Good luck- it's fun following your adventure!

Melissa said...

my soon-to-be hubby rolls his eyes every time I bring home a new carload of junk too. :)

Annette said...

Well darn, you'll just have to keep shopping!! I don't blame you for keeping the little suitcase and the birds. I can usually bribe my husband with stopping to get ice cream if he goes with me to certain places.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You're smart to be buying holiday treasures when you see them during the off season. I love that pincushion and the cute little black box. Looking forward to seeing your audition exciting, it's gettting close now.

mary scott said...

I buy vintage holiday decor items year round if I find them for the right price. Just for me, not for reselling. I love the turkeys; so colorful! Thanks

Art and Sand said...

This week's fave are the vintage linens with the beautiful edgings.

Annette said...

It is amazing how a space swallows up stuff!! Love the new finds and I agree that picking up the holiday items when you find them is a good plan. When those holidays come you will be rewarded!!