Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Button Love!

Oh my!  After a marathon of cleaning and sorting, I can finally reveal my favorites from the recent Button Motherlode.
You can click these pictures bigger but I took a bunch of close-ups so here we go on a photo-heavy post.
All of these buttons on the ecru paper doily are glass.
I adore those clear ones with the painted flowers!
The milk glass buttons right below them are whistles.  Sorry I didn't get an angle where you can see the side with two holes.
Big white Moonglows.
There is a little black and white china stencil down at the bottom, above the glass flowers.
These rhinestones are set in plastic buttons.  Glass rhinestones are a favorite but if it sparkles, I'll take it!
There were a lot of the tortoise shell-type buttons in this lot.
These cut steels are the result of my rescue attempt.  They were in the smelly tin that I had to dump straight in to the soapy water, in spite of what they were made of.  Just way too stinky to even have inside my house.  Naturally, they rusted.  I did the best I could to clean them up but I suspect the original finish was somewhat different than what I ended up with.  I am still happy to have them and managed to salvage about 20.
The black buttons at the top are unusual, or at least I haven't encountered them before.  The dark part is made from some sort of composite material and the centers are clear plastic that seem like it might have been poured in.
These beautiful blue buttons are metal.

BIG Lucite buttons with white centers.
I still can't get over the variety.  Those red buttons did not warp when I washed them.  They started out that way and I think that is the way they were originally made.
Looking at these photos, I see those green ones and the red ones down at the bottom could use a little more cleaning.

There are quite a few that I think are Bakelite but it isn't that important to me to know so I haven't bothered to test them.
I already gave these butterscotch ones another clean after I took this picture.
Love these little "gears"!

These have a metal ring set inside them.

More plastic rhinestones. I can't usually bring myself to part with them but there were so many duplicates in this lot that I listed some on my Etsy.  I will be putting together some mixed lots for Etsy, as well.
Maybe someday I will be a real collector and mount them on cards.  For now, I just started a new jar. I really should sort some in to categories and take some intentional pictures for Pinterest.  I already have a huge virtual collection on my Buttons board but I never seem to get around to posting any of my own buttons.  So many ideas and so little time.  I am going to ROCK retirement one of these days!
For those of you who suggested Barkeepers Friend for the mark on the Pyrex bowl - THANK YOU!  It worked like a charm and I have a new tool in my cleaning arsenal.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have all kinds of ideas, too....and I'm retired and can't find time to do them all! LOVE the glass ones and the big pink ones. Lots of beauty in the geometric designs. They truly...don't make things like they used to! Hugs, Diane

Maggie said...

Fantastic group of really cool buttons. I could never part with any of them. Wow.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I'm just in awe! The clear ones with the flowers are so beautiful. I always wonder how you can tell what a button is made out of. Like, if the rhinestone is glass or if a tiny pearl is real.
Enjoyed looking!
Erica :)

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Oooh, be still my heart! I want to reach out and touch them. Too bad about the cut steel rusting, but they're still gorgeous. My favorites are the blue metal ones...I see earrings. Love all of your little jewels.

augcott said...

I am a big fan of vintage buttons, too! I was recently at a flea market and saw a large mason jar full of old buttons and I neglected to buy them!!! :-/ Shame on me!!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You have the best collection of anyone I've ever seen. What do you do with the ones you keep?

The ones that are rusty are perfect for a craft where you want to paint them.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, wonderful collection you have. I have quite a few old ones, too, and keep thinking I will do something with them. xo Diana

rush said...

I want to "look" at the buttons with my fingers! What a nice haul! Isn't it amazing how many different kinds of buttons there are? I found favorites in each picture, so there were too many point out specifically. What a treat!

Darrielle Tennenbaum said...

I love old buttons too! I use to play with my grandmothers buttons as a kid with my brother. I now have 2 jars of her buttons I keep as a decoration!

Patty Antle said...

Wow, wow, wow!! You lucky woman!

Annette said...

That is one awesome bunch o buttons!! They are just gorgeous. So happy the Barkeepers helped. It is a wonderful product! Stay warm....looks like we dodged the snow.

Barbara said...

Lots of lovely ones. I like the glass with painted colors, too.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Amazing a buttons lovers dream

I see some of the same buttons I have, to think my buttons have twins way across the USA LOL

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Kathy, your buttons are incredible. I love the glass style and the clear with the flowers are stunning. Your collection is amazing.
Thanks for sharing.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

There certainly was lots of love in those tins. So many wonderful buttons!

Annette said...

Someday, when I visit Portland and get to meet you, I want to play with your buttons, lol.

My Garden Diaries said...

Kathy!! Every time I pop by your blog I am inspired! You have the most beautiful collection of buttons of anyone I know...and I love buttons! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! Nicole xo

Laurie said...

I'm having heart palpitations, of the good kind! I think my favorites are the red ones with the cracker-jack style figure included, and those gears, and the lady with the parasol...and those shiny ones. Oh happy day. You are one lucky button hunter!

Linda said...

What a beautiful collection!!! Seeing these buttons brings back fond memories for me of my childhood, as my mother had a box full of beautiful buttons, and many of yours remind me of the ones she had. Thank you so much for sharing.

vintage grey said...

Wow, all so lovely they are!! Love the jade green ones, and they remind me of being on a sweet winter coat! Have a great day!! xo Heather

CATHY said...

oh my - I am dizzy from all the beautiful buttons. I can picture you there - sorting them - squealing out....with no to listen, waiting to share with all of us so we can squeal out for you : ). There are so many different & interesting buttons. enjoy!