Sunday, March 23, 2014

R&R At The Oregon Coast

 I was able to take a long weekend off work for some much needed R&R so we headed to the Oregon Coast for a couple of days.  My husband indulged me with a few junking stops and even helped me "pick" a big stack of patterns.  He was a fast learner, barcode = NO.  Yes, I managed to bring home a big pile of work for myself.  I have SO many patterns I haven't even listed yet but it's hard to resist when you find the right kind at the right price.
 An ivy bowl to add to my little collection, A sewing basket for Etsy, vintage postcards for the lace book project and a sweet assortment of old greeting cards.  Those are actually from Nina and Joe's.  I wasn't ready for the junking to be over and stopped there when we got home to say hello and see what's new.
 I seldom buy single buttons but this Tight Top was so unusual I had to have it.  It makes me think it might be some premium from Camel cigarettes, maybe for a smoking jacket??  It is sitting on top of a vintage brown evening bag that will be heading to Etsy.
 This needle book is a questionable purchase because the condition is so bad but the subject matter is so good I figure I can find some way to mount it so I can add it to my collection.
 I am always on the lookout for old photographs that whisper a caption to me for an altered Altoids tin.  Can you hear Baby saying "I carried a watermelon"?  That pretty piece of barkcloth in the background is from Nina and Joe's.
 A few swizzle sticks for my collection.
 All of the postcards have roses except the one one the top. Sorry I didn't spread then out for the photo!
 Little girl patterns are not good sellers for me but how could I resist rumba pants.
 This is our view from our room.  We could watch those waves for hours.
 The weather was gorgeous with clear sky and little wind the entire time.
 We had dinner at Roadhouse 101.  It is the home of Rusty Truck Brewing and the decor is a ton of fun.
They even have lighted tap handles.  We would have bought one for The Husband's collection but the owner wasn't there.  Dangit, we all lost out on that one!
And so I will end the post with a beautiful coast sunset.  We scurried back home on Saturday afternoon with a parking lot of traffic headed the other direction for the start of Spring Break in Oregon.  Perfect timing!
I will be making the rounds now to catch up with everybody.


Art and Sand said...

So many thoughts running through my head . . .

...I just watched Dirty Dancing again the other night fun to buy up old patterns

...that camel button is beautiful

...I see the needle book on an altered page

...which beach? My family had houses at Rockaway and Cannon Beach

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

No bar codes...that's one I'll have to pass along to Mr. MST. Wow, what a load of goodies you accumulated in just a few days. Thanks for sharing a piece of your wonderful getaway, you really lucked out with the weather.

Maureen said...

Awesome finds Kathy! Even though it's in rough shape, I definitely would have picked up that needle book too... love the graphics! What a beautiful place; great photos. Sooo... did hubby pick out the pink swizzle stick? ;)

Cindy Gay said...

It was gorgeous there. Love the postcards, needle pack and pattern packages!

vintage grey said...

Sweet finds! I have some rough needle books and I just keep them in a bowl with others to display. Great one to find!! What a beautiful weekend you had! xo Heather

Cheri, the Quilting Nanny said...

Those "old" clothes patterns are adorable! Girls dress patterns today are just,how shall I say it nicely, stupid! I miss the good old days fashions! I don't know what you do with your little treasure finds, but if you deal with kids in anyway, I write about a great way to use the little finds. I have 3 little grand daughters and am going to be searching for things like this for them this easter season instead of using real eggs!Thought I'd pass it on!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Wow you really found a lot of great things!! Love all the vintage postcards and papers! I have a couple needle books that say something about ice cream on the Happy new week! xo Holly

The Polka Dot Closet said...

So glad you got away and had a great time. It is a good thing you and I don't go thrifting together, because we would be rolling in the aisles fighting over the same merchandise. I love the patters, postcards, needle holder...Well everything!


Blessed Serendipity said...

I know where you were! Lucky you and lucky finds too!

xo Danielle

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hey Kathy so glad you had a great trip. You sure found some wonderful treasures. I love finding old patterns too.
I'll see you soon when I get back.
Have a great week.

Laurie said...

Oh, I'll take that vacation and all the great stuff you found, LOL!

Annette said...

I have been away all this week and didn't find a single thing at the thrift stores or the antique malls. I'm glad you found some great stuff though!

CATHY said...

What a nice getaway! Great view. And such a beautiful beach.