Monday, September 12, 2011

Wanna See the Latest Junk?

 A hobo sack from The Bins.  The Husband is still hopeful so I am still along for the ride 8+)  Yes, this is how I carried it out.  Pretty "green" I thought.  These pictures were taken as I unpacked so nothing is washed or cleaned up yet.  Raw junk.
 Let's see what's inside.  Some kind of ornaments printed on something that feels like heavy interfacing.  No clue if I can get it clean or do something with it but it weighs about an ounce so why not try?  One sweet paper rose and a couple yards of beaded lace and an old dollhouse hutch.
 This was my favorite find at The Bins.  Most of the autographs and inscriptions are dated 4/4/44.
 It looks like a kind and artistic friend decorated the inside cover for Madeleva.  1944.  Wow.
 Vintage linen bits and pieces and a large piece of Christmas fabric.  That one that says KNIVES is a handmade knife roll.  I wonder how special those knives were to need their own little cozy.
 Beautiful vintage embroidery and crochet edges.  Where did all the "homemakers" go?? 
 The pale blue in the back is a vintage negligee, the kind with double sheer layers and soft lace trim.  If I was one of those brave artsy-types I would wrap a funky belt around the middle and blouse it up and wear it over my jeans.  A girl can dream.  In my dream I'm 29 and look like Barbie.  It's my dream and I can if I want to.
 As if all of that wasn't enough I headed off to the VOA when we got back home.  I needed something to carry my loot in and liked it so much it had to come home, too.  When I pick up sturdy handled baskets at the thrift I place them around the yard and use them to deposit the random weeds I pull when I doing my walk-abouts.  It's much easier to keep up with the weeding when there is a handy spot to toss a handful.
 I couldn't resist the pattern and roosters on this metal plate.  The back says Made in Brazil.  It is going to be a lid for that huge apothecary jar I picked up a few weeks ago.
Another lid-less sugar bowl for the growing collection that never gets made into SugarCushions.  Ah well, a Winter project.  The Lucite lipstick holder is going straight into my brown and pink bathroom to replace the gold one I call my "Jimmy Hendrix" lipstick holder because there is a left-handed guitar player sitting on the edge.  I'm pretty sure it isn't him. I don't think fans had golden lipstick holders.
A calligraphy set just like the one I already have because it was only 99 cents, paper doilies and a neat old metal candlestick.  Too bad it didn't come with plastic flowers!
 Little metal frames.  I have matching ones already and SOMEDAY I'm going to do something with them.  They don't take up much room.  I swear I'm not a hoarder. 
 Totally wonderful original box of vintage crochet thread.  Can you just see the "dry goods" store?  Someday I will have to tell the story of The Golden Rule store in the little farm town where I went to high school.  It was right out of the turn of the century until they decided to remodel and modernize it.  So sad.  It had creaking hardwood floors and shelves behind the counter with boxes of women's gloves and hankies and a dressing room behind a bark cloth curtain and the scent of history.
A poke sack of loot of the finest kind.  Check out that flower trim.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  Wooden spools and lace wrapped around an old potato chip box.  It doesn't get much better.
A good day of junk.


Diane said...

Oh wow--WONDERFUL finds!!

My Vintage Mending said...

What fun...I am Barbie size too! (in my dreams) Can't think of anything here I wouldn't want. The trim...divine. That muddy blue color...perfection. Lucite painted...oh my. Enjoy everything. I know I did. I am off to wash the Barbie car...smiles...Renee

Annette said...

Oh what great stuff! The autograph book reminds me of a diary I found once that belonged to a young woman during the civil war. Her beloved was away at war and she was trying very hard to be strong about it. Erin and I stood for over an hour reading it at an antique shop.
We have the same dreams!!! :P

Laurie said...

I love the pink rose and then the gorgeous little flower trim -- so glad you pointed it out, it's marvelous. I am also intrigued by the ornaments, hmmmm! You are making me want to go out junking today!

CATHY said...

You crack me up with all your finds! My favorite from this batch is the autograph book - how fun! and the Barbie comment LOL! said...

Good haul! I have the same dream.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Oh many many charming treasures..enjoy..they are all dazzling to me!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I wanna go to The Bins!! Waaaaaaa.