Monday, March 28, 2011

Altered Book Journal Pages

No junk luck this weekend so I spent some time playing with the altered book project. Since there was no junk to be had I stopped in at Borders and treated myself to the Winter issue of ART Journaling. As I read through the magazine I realized that my collection of quotes really is like a journal. I didn't compose them but the words are still meaningful to me. I never thought of myself as a "journaler" but hey, maybe. I hope Oregon Public Broadcasting doesn't track me down and sue me for using this picture I tore out of their recent broadcast listing. I thought it conveyed the mood of the words perfectly. My complements to the photographer and, trust me, no profit will be derived from my use of it! Ditto to the person who spoke the words on the left page. Sadly, I did not record who it was and have not been able to find out by Googling. Geeze, maybe I should just hit delete right now. You know I enjoy genealogy so I am always on the look-out for great quotes relating to that topic. In case you can't double-click and make it big enough to read it says: The story changes somewhat over the years as older generations of the family tell it to newer ones. But somehow no one ever gets too tired to tell it, or too bored to listen. In the end, it isn't so much that we're in the story but that the story is in us. Ah yes. My handwriting on the left side leaves much to be desired, okay let's just say it looks pathetic, and hopefully showing these pages will get me to practice. I had lovely cursive handwriting once upon a time. I could tell a tale of repetitive-motion injury and a tendon release but instead I will just say I need to stop being lazy and practice. I have picked up a couple books on the topic and there are some beautiful examples in this new magazine. I need to spend some quality time with a Pitt pen and some lined paper! Let's see if I can make that one of my goals for this year.


Diane said...

You know, aside from kidding about your handwriting--this is such a great message. A few years ago my son started digging into my husband's and my family's background--SOOOOO interesting, and SO glad that he decided to do this--we've learned so much that otherwise would have all been just in the past and not even known about.

Annette said...

My husband has bad handwriting...not you! We used to take road trips to visit my great grandparents. I always dreaded those visits because the same old stories would be told over and over again. And everyone would laugh like it was the first time they heard it and the same comments would be made. I can't tell you how much I appreciate those stories now. So that quote resonates with me and has brought back some wonderful memories!

oldgreymare said...

Just finishing up a mixed media e course and will begin a heart journal one next month. Thoroughly enjoying this new art form, so much to learn and do.
No wonder you have enjoyed it for so long. : D