Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coming soon to an art room near ME!

So I think I have revealed my art room before, in all it's messy glory. Yes, this is the way my desk usually looks. When I finish a project I clean it up and temporarily feel like I can breath again. It lasts a matter of minutes then whoosh - I'm on to the next storm in my brain.
You can see that the desk sits in a corner and isn't very tall. Being the hoarder that I am (yikes, did I say that out loud!) all that wasted space above the desk is a constant frustration to me. Imagine all the goodies I could store there!
My son, Andy, recently bought a house and was able to set up his longed-for workshop in his garage. He very generously offered to build a custom desk for me. BUILD A CUSTOM DESK FOR ME! How cool is THAT. He has been over many times taking measurements, getting my approval on stain colors, discussing options. Not too long ago he sent me this picture of the desk "in progress". Look how tall it is! There will be shelves, of course, and also a center section where my computer tower will sit. No more crawling under the desk to plug in the camera. WooHoo! My art room has 9' ceilings and the desk will be about a foot from the top. He is building it stout so I can climb up with my little stepping stool and stand on it to reach the top shelves.
He was here last night and told me it is almost done. Perfect! I am on vacation next week so time to start packing things up and make room so he can install it. That means I might be making things at the kitchen table for awhile. I can't stop making things - well duh! I will try to take some pictures as the magic unfolds.
So what am I working on?? More inspiration kits for the Etsy store. Peaches and Cream, Doll Makers Delight No.2 and more bias tape weaving. All coming soon.

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Rose Chuckleberry said...

Form meets function. A thing of beauty. Can hardly WAIT to see it fully installed. Andy is a very good boy.