Thursday, December 17, 2009

I craft, you craft, we all craft!

I met my friend, Carol, for lunch today and to exchange our Christmas presents. I love the way that sounds, like I hang out and socialize like normal people. LOL!
She gifted me with this beautiful wind-up music box that she made herself. Yes, SHE MADE IT HERSELF! I am so flattered. She is new to crafting and obviously has talent and an artist's eye that she didn't know was lurking inside her just waiting to get out. So beautiful on many levels.
The two little charms say LOVE AND LAUGH - two things Carol gifts to everyone lucky enough to call her friend.
I am Merry.


Michelle Murphy said...

I am glad that I am lucky enough to call her friend.

SmurfyGirl said...

I love that little thing! It's beautiful! And yes, Carol is wonderful too! :)