Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bonding with the camera

I didn't spend all of my time on the campout walking and crafting and sitting in the sun. My son (thank you Andy!) introduced me to some of the features of the digital camera. Who knew you could switch to black and white and sepia? Probably everybody but me! I love black and white photos. I love the way black and white removes the distraction and makes everything "match" and the unnecessary details fall away. Love it love it love it! Imagine how different this photo would look if you could see the color of the ground and the rock and my shoe and jeans. In black and white it says (to me!) step up, step out, put your best foot forward, go out into the world. There will be more black and white in my future!

Let me just say that this crawdad was not forced to "walk the plank" for this photo. He met his crawdad maker much earlier in the day. It was a quick and to the point dunk in a boiling pot - yum! I did a little editing to brighten it up and ended up with some funky streaks so I have more to learn on that topic. One thing at a time....
Ah, camping! I can hardly wait for the next one!

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